How to become a Member?

Submit a written request. We will send you a form which must be filled with all the requested data; all information is handled in a confidential manner.
Application for admission and the duly completed form will be sent to the members of the Board of Directors to that they can analyze if the company complies with the professional and ethical requirements, afterwards they will present their opinion. Admission will be granted if no objection is received. If a member presents an objection, it shall be justified and documented, this must be presented by writing and proven reliably so that the Board of Directors can exercise their vote, which will be registered in the minutes of approval. The answer will be given within 15 days.
The Board of Directors will approve the admission and it will be known by the General Assembly during its next regular meeting.
If they meet all the requirements immediate admission will be granted.
The Board of Directors of the Conventions & Visitors Bureau will send a welcome letter to the new partner, notifying his admission.
The new partner must send the payment for his registration and affiliation according to the Payments and Categories Regulation for partners.

The new partner shall designate the person who will represent him within the Conventions Bureau. The entity may appoint, at any time, a new official that will represent him in the Association. If the official of the company ceases to work for the represented entity for any reason, the entity must appoint a new official and give written notice about the change to the Board of Directors within 30 days.

In the case of the entities, the designated person represents the associated entity and has no individual representation.
The new partner must make monthly donations to the Convention Bureau according to the Payments and Categories Regulation for partners.

Why Become a Member?

Visibility and exposure of your brand on the website and social networks.
Support for associated companies to obtain events and motivate the creation of events.
Distribution of information about the associates to the events organizers, during promotional blitz in target markets, specialized trade fairs of MICE market and in the web page.
Access to updated information about international and local events.
Constant information on the actions of the Bureau and about what happens in the world of conferences and conventions at local and international markets.
Promotion of the installed infrastructure, as well as the specialized services of the associated members, targeting Meeting Planners, Incentives Houses and International Organizers of Congresses, Conventions and Incentives.
Opportunity to offer their services for events that are prospected through the Guatemala Conventions Bureau.
Professionalization of human resources to provide a world-class service, through courses and trainings.

Become a Member

Complete the following form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to make you become part of the Guatemala Conventions Bureau.
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