El Petén

Lodging and Venues

Petén is considered the cradle of the great Mayan Culture. Its archeological treasures such as Tikal National Park (declared Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO), Río Azul, Mundo Perdido, Uaxactún, El Mirador, Piedras Negras, Yaxchilán, El Naranjo, Ceibal and many more have made Petén one of the most interesting centers.

It is the largest Department in Guatemala; it has several protected areas, such as the Maya Biosphere Reserve, with more than one million acres of semi-tropical jungle. The natural beauty is undoubtedly an important letter of introduction of Petén’s immense region. The Department withholds great archaeological treasures that attract both national and foreign tourists.



Flores has many restaurants for all budgets and tastes. The local specialties are: tepescuintle (a rodent the size of a rabbit), venison (deer), wild turkey and white fish.

Many restaurants have terraces overlooking the Lake Petén Itza, where the sunset can be seen.


Nightlife in Petén is concentrated in two nightclubs. In one of them you will listen to reggaeton and in the other, varied music will delight your palate with Mexican food.

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