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Guatemala City

National Museum of Natural History "Jorge Ibarra"

Address: 6ª. Calle 7-30, zona 13 Complejo de los Museos Zona 13

Phone: (502) 2472-0468 y 2472-3612


Founded on July 4, 1950 and reopened on September 16, 1986. It contains the natural history of Guatemala, species diversity and its evolution through time.

National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology

Address: 6ª. Calle y 7ª. Avenida, Salón No. 5 de la Finca La Aurora, Zona 13, Guatemala

Phone: (502) 2475-4010, (502) 2475-4399


The permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology is divided in 10 main exhibition rooms. It starts with the introductory exhibition hall that presents population in America, the location in the map of thVolaris, la aerolínea de los precios bajos que te hacen volar.e Mesoamerican region and the technology and instruments hall. Afterwards, you can find the Pre-classic and Classic exhibition room that include the hall of jades, the Tikal archaeological site exhibition hall, the Post-classic hall and lastly, the ethnological hall.

Guatemala's Numismatic Museum


Opening hours from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 hours. Free entry.

The museum explains, mainly in the engraving area, the eras, events and experiences that speak to us through time and tell us about this great living stage of the numismatic history of Guatemala through their coins, medals and coinage instruments.

Popol Vuh Museum

Address: 6ª. Calle final, Zona 10. Campus central Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Phone: (502) 2338-7896


The Popul Vuh Museum offers the visitor a unique journey through the history of Guatemala, illustrated by one the best pre-Hispanic and colonial collections in the country. Their objectives include the conservation, research and divulgation of cultural and archaeological heritage of Guatemala.

Heraldic and Army Weapons Museum

Address: Teatro Nacional, Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias, Antiguo Castillo San José

Phone: (502) 2253-5286


Miraflores Museum in Kaminal Juyú

Address: 7ª. Calle 21-55, Zona 11, Paseo Miraflores

Phone: (502) 2470-3415 y 18


National Museum of Modern Art "Carlos Mérida"

Address: 5ª. Calle, salón 6, Finca La Aurora, Zona 13/ 6ª. Avenida 7-30, zona 13

Phone: (502) 2472-0514


National Museum of History

Address: 9ª. Calle 9-70, Zona 1

Phone: (502) 2253-6149


Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Textiles and Clothing

Address: 6ª. Calle, final Zona 10, Campus Central UFM

Phone: (502) 2331-3622


Casa M.I.M.A

Address: 8ª Avenida 14-12, Zona 1

Phone: (502) 2232-6902


Cervecería Centroamericana XIX Century Cellars Museum

Address: 3ª. Avenida norte final, Finca el Zapote, zona 2 Cervecería Centroamericana

Phone: (502) 2289-1555, extensión 2095


Museum of Culture Flavio Herrera

Address: Calle Mariscal 7-46, Zona 11 Colonia Mariscal

Phone: (502) 2473-0567


Guatemala Children's Museum

Address: 5ª. Calle 10-00, Zona 13

Phone: (502) 2475-5076


National Palace of Culture

Address: 5ª. Calle 10-00, Zona 13

Phone: (502) 2230-1020


Carlos F. Novella Museum

Address: 15 Avenida 18-01, Zona 6

Phone: (502)2286-4100 ext. 6435


Museum of Science and Technology

Address: Wal-Mart Puerta Parada segundo nivel, km 15.5 carretera al Salvador

Phone: (502)2253-9555

Railway Museum

Address: 9ª. Avenida 18-03, Zona 1

Phone: (502) 2232-9270


Casa Callejón Castillo Hermanos

Address: 2ª. Avenida A 3-20, Zona 1

Phone: (502) 5413-8536 y 2366-5671


Antigua Guatemala

Regional Museum of Santiago Sacatepéquez

Address: 3ª. Calle 4-00, zona 4, Santiago Sacatepéquez

Phone: (502) 7830-2798


Arms Museum of Santiago de los Caballeros

Address: Palacio del Ayuntamiento, Plaza Central, La Antigua Guatemala

Phone: (502) 7832-2878



This is an eminently historical regional museum, in which the development of colonial life and its cultural manifestations is exhibited, focusing on the heyday of the Valle de Panchoy in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Museum of Hermano Pedro

Address: 7ª calle oriente, interior templo de San Francisco.

Phone: (502) 7832- 0338

Museo Casa del Tejido Antiguo (Museum of Ancient Weaving)

Address: 1ª. Calle poniente No. 51, La Antigua Guatemala

Phone: (502) 7832-3161 / 69


Colonial Art Museum

Address: 5ª. Calle oriente No. 5, La Antigua Guatemala

Phone: (502) 7832-0429


The building, now occupied by the Museum of Colonial Art, housed the University of San Carlos de Guatemala from 1768 to 1777. It is one of the most harmonious buildings in the city; it was built in once and at a time in which local Baroque architecture had reached its “maturity”. In this museum, different architectural features are combined with one permanent exhibition of paintings, sculptures and furniture of the colonial era. It brings together the pictorial work of Guatemalan artists from the 17th century.

Museum of the Ancient Book

Address: Casa de la Primera Imprenta, Portal del Ayuntamiento No. 6, La Antigua Guatemala

Phone: (502) 7832-5511


It is a National Museum that belongs to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, regulated by the National Coordination of Museums. It is a specialized museum whose subject is about the typographical production during the Colonial era, it also preserves old documents that are the result of the first typographic workshops.