About Guatemala

Guatemala is located in the heart of America. It has a boarder to the West and North with Mexico, to the East with Belize and the Gulf of Honduras, to the Southeast with Honduras and El Salvador, and to the South with the Pacific Ocean.

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Official Name:

Republic of Guatemala.


More than 16 million inhabitants.

Territorial extension:

108,889 km2 of which the 30.65% is declared as protected area.

Political Division:

22 departments and 335 municipalities.


Guatemala City.


temperate, tropical, and subtropical.

37 volcanoes, of which 4 are active and more than 320 are eruptive spotlights


Spanish. In addition, 22 languages of MAYA origin,   1 XINCA and  1  GARIFUNA are spoken.



Time zone:

GTM -6 hours (normal), -5 (summer)


127 voltage and 60Hz plug A (110)


US$58,83 billion


6.0 million people, of whom 27.4% have an age between 15 and 24 years old and 72% between 25 and 65 years old.


10% hotel tax

12% VAT

US$30.00 departure tax and is charged on the air ticket 

US$30.00 or Q20.00 Airport Security Tax (applies when leaving and is charged on the air ticket)

1 of the 19 highly diversified countries of the world

5 lakes and more than 320 protected areas

More than 3,500 years of history

More than 3,000 archaeological sites

Living Mayan Culture, more than 50% of the population


Access to Guatemala

La Aurora International Airport: It is the main airport of the country, and one of which generates more traffic in Central America. Its modern facilities place it as one of the best in the region. La Aurora International Airport is located 10 minutes away from the hotel zone.

Regions of Guatemala


Modern and Colonial 


Living Mayan Culture


Adventure in the Mayan World


A Green Caribbean


Magic and Diverse


Mystical and Natural


Natural Paradise

What to do in Guatemala?

Guatemala offers a lot of options for touristic tours that will make the events a great experience.

Why Choose Guatemala?

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Experience in organization of World Events

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Specialized infrastructure for events

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Extraordinary tourist attractions

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Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World


Tips for Visitors

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Every visitor has the support of the National Tourist Assistance Program (PROATUR, for its acronym in Spanish) provided by the Guatemalan Tourism Institute. Learn about the different tips to make your visit to Guatemala unforgettable.