Communication Consulting Group

We are a communications and meeting planner company established in Guatemala City in 1999. Throughout our history, we have been characterized by providing a personalized service, which has led us to be regarded by our customers as one of the most important and reliable partners for the achievement of their institutional objectives, as well as for the execution of their business activities and community outreach.


With all of our clients, we are committed to transform communications into a management function. Moreover, we strive to strategically conceptualize all the events we organized so that they can become a platform of positive image that achieve institutional or corporate goals. In order to achieve this, we have set strategic alliances with the best suppliers in the industry to offer the best locations, innovative decorating options, food and beverage of excellent quality, the most modern video and audio equipment in the market, etc.


In addition, we are committed with our clients, in establishing and maintaining for them optimal relations of mutual benefit between their organizations and the publics on which their success or failure depends:  customers, vendors, creditors, government authorities, private sector, chambers, media, etc.


Besides Guatemala, we offer service in Mexico, the Central American region, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, through independent agencies with high ethics and quality standards.


  • Press Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Trade and technical missions
  • Development of graphic strategies, advertising, as well as internal and external communication for celebrities, communitarian projects, private companies, non-profit entities, etc.
  • Product Launches
  • Conferences
  • Public relations
  • Trainings or workshops on various topics
  • Public speaking
  • Others
    • Congresses
    • Corporative cocktails
    • Graphic and architectural design
    • Media training
    • Personal and executive image
    • How to learn to listen

Meetings and



We offer our customers:

A business partner
Respect and ethic, dynamism, enthusiasm and confidentiality
Experience in the conceptualization, planning and implementation of events
Care for detail
More than 20 years of experience in communication
Extensive knowledge and cordial relationships with directors, editors and reporters of Guatemalan media and correspondents.


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