Filadelfia Coffee Resort &Tours, La Antigua

Filadelfia is a tourist destination with a luxury hotel, areas for social and corporative events, Guatemalan and international cuisine; it also offers family activities for nature lovers and extreme activities outdoors. The old manor house has become a cozy little luxury hotel with 20 rooms, all spacious and comfortable with linen sheets and towels Rivolta Carmignani, Turkish cotton, overlooking the Agua Volcano. Our lounges, coffee gardens or patios make Filadelfia the ideal place for business meetings, seminars, team meetings, weddings, exhibitions and all kinds of event requiring a comfortable, safe, surrounded by nature. Cafetenango is a Guatemalan food restaurant where you can taste traditional dishes besides grilling, salads and soups. Pergaminos is a Gourmet restaurant, signature cuisine with French influence. CoffeeTour: discover one of the best coffees in Guatemala and the world, the tour includes the nursery, planting, wet and dry milling, drying patios, roasting area, mill, packing and cupping. Cupping Workshop: For those who want to know the characteristics of a good coffee Latte Art: Learn the techniques of a barista, an expert in coffee brewing and beverage related. Bird Watching: at 7,000 feet where more than 170 species of birds have been reported in the wild forest. Interpretive trails: Through hiking trails with breathtaking views of mountains, Canopy: The Safest and most visited Canopy in Guatemala. Two trails to choose from Paintball: At the top of the mountain with the best equipment, 100% biodegradable paintballs, Mountain Bike: A bicycle tour through the coffee plantation or mountain trails Camping: At over 7,000 feet high, at a totally safe area with the amenities necessary for an unforgettable camp. Unimog Tour: A tour on our road trucks to appreciate the live nature of this region. Mule Rides: Texan mules will take you on a leisurely trip through the plantation or mountains. Souvenirs: De Mi Región Gift Shop: Exclusive crafts, organic products and the best coffee and chocolate of Guatemala.


    • Hotel
    • Exclusive Handicraft shops
  • Rooms, Gardens and Yards for events
    • Restaurants
    • Variety of Tours, adventure rides




JardinesMeters2Fees2TentMounting type: UMounting type: SchoolMounting type: Imperial TableMounting type: AuditoriumMounting type: CoctailMounting type: Reception
Los Pinos6302066Tent 21×30 ó 15×30 mt.N/AN/AN/A250200400
Las Campanas9453100Tent 21×45 mts.N/AN/A303505040
Los Patios 111253700Tent 25×45 mts.150500180750600500
Los Patios 29453100Tent 21×45 mts.100400150350500500
Los Cafetales7352410Tent 21×35 mts.100400150350600400

1 Awning Of 18×12 mt.

2 Awnings18×12 y 12z12 mt.

1 Carpa de 15×40 mt.



Conference RoomsMeters2Feet2Mounting type: UMounting type: SchoolMounting type: Imperial TableMounting type: AuditoriumMounting type: CoctailMounting type: Reception
Doña Elisa47156202516304020
Don Manuel63208343025505030
José Guardiola15750660605615010080


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