Transter Tours

It is a 100% Guatemalan with 17 years of being in the market, both local and international, with a professional experience firstly, so we are contracted for international events of great prestige, and we differ to attend VIP incentive groups congresses and contacted at international fairs we participate in Europe – North America – South America during the year.

We distinguish ourselves by having a full professional staff which grew along with the company, and makes us give confidence and security, since they are highly qualified and our client is pleased to return to our beautiful country with more tourists.

During all these years of service to our customers, it has established a tradition of high level of service in terms of tourism transport, by striving to provide quality service and care in each of their trips.

Transter TOURS, has extensive fleet of Mercedes Benz and Volvo buses (Autocars type) of all capabilities, full equipment, new models, especially for tourism, so we have all kinds of trained, qualified and customer management. We identify as being timely, secure and adapt to an style in order or request. Our company provides transportation services within the territory of Guatemala and Central America, in addition units have air conditioning, microphones, reclining seats, equipment for CD, MP3, DVD and safe for passengers.



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