Turqueza Castellanos

In the development of an event that has taken days, weeks and months of preparation and organization, the best resource for conducting the event is a “Master of Ceremonies”, with certified experience to make the agenda flow in the best way with the pleasure of the public at all times, because there is always an audience that must be satisfied, so for every event organizer it´s very important to choose the right person to handle the different protocols of each event.

From my career as a Master of Ceremonies I can say that the pillar of each successful event is to put God before you at all times and apply the knowledge in the conduction or presentation of each activity. My experience is framed in the following categories: Business  events nationally and internationally, cultural events, of government in its different diplomatic, political, cultural, beauty pageants, posthumous honors or funeral honors (funerals and burials), religious events, social, artistic, children, adult public, animation, academics, ceremonies, weddings, 15 years parties (sweet fifteen), anniversaries, moderation of press conferences, civil and military protocol events, transfer of command, technical tables, among others.


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