Complete the following form and we will be in touch as soon as possible so you can be part of the members of the Guatemala Conventions Bureau.

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Submit a written request. We will send you a form which must be filled with all the requested data; all information is handled in a confidential manner.


Application for admission and the duly completed form will be sent to the members of the Board of Directors to that they can analyze if the company complies with the professional and ethical requirements, afterwards they will present their opinion. The answer will be given within 15 days.


The Board of Directors will approve the admission and it will be known by the General Assembly during its next regular meeting.



The Board of Directors of the Conventions & Visitors Bureau will send a welcome letter to the new partner, notifying his admission.



Why be part of the Guatemala Conventions Bureau?

The Convention Bureaus are recognized in the meetings industry globally, as the official representatives of suppliers and destination managment. In Guatemala we represent the value chain of the private sector and promote our country as a meetings industry destination.

With international recognition, an organic and natural search for information is generated in the Bureaus by the service providers: Meeting Planners, Incentive Houses, international associations, national and international Corporate market.

Opportunity to offer your services as supplier for the events that are prospected through the Guatemala Conventions Bureau.

Opportunity to quote services through leads or RFPs captured through the web, social networks, email received directly at the Guatemala Conventions Bureau or through participation in events (nationally and internationally) where you are represented.

Visibility and exposure of your brand on the website and social networks of the Guatemala Conventions Bureau

Constant update on the actions carried out by the Guatemala Conventions Bureau.

Promotion of the installed infrastructure, as well as the specialized services of the member partners, aimed at Meeting Planners, Incentive Houses, international associations, national and international Corporate market.

Distribution of your information as members to event organizers, during promotional blitz in target markets, specialized fairs in the meetings industry and website, social networks and other digital media.

Professionalization of human resources to provide a world-class service, through courses and training.

Access to updated information on international and local events.