Every visitor has the support of the National Tourist Assistance Program (PROATUR, for its acronym in Spanish) provided by the Guatemalan Tourism Institute.

Make copies: It’s good to have copies of all the documents that you need to travel with and keep the originals in a safe place (i.e. safety deposit box of the hotel).

Foreign currency exchange: Exchange currency only in banks. Avoid exchanging in informal currency exchange offices or at street stalls.


Always keep information number contacts: Specially the ones from your Embassy, Consulate and also the number of your insurance company.

Plan your trip with due anticipation: This will allow you to organize your time and visit beautiful places in your spare time.

Credit or debit cards: It is advisable to carry only the ones that you need. We recommend you not to accept any help from strangers upon withdrawing money from ATMs, also make sure to check that they are not altered, thus avoiding cases of card cloning.


Taxis: We recommend you to use only taxis that are properly identified. In addition we recommend those identified as “Taxi Seguro – Safe Taxi”, trained in tourism matters through the National Tourist Assistance Program.



Travelling in groups is always nice, share your experiences and get to know new people.

National Tourist Assistance Program support

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