7ma calle 21-55 zona 11, Paseo Miraflores, ciudad de Guatemala


Miraflores Museum is the first Site Museum in Guatemala City. Located right where the Ancient Maya City of Kaminaljuyu was. It has one of the best archaeological collections of Guatemala’s Valley. The Museum has 2 halls with permanent exhibitions -displaying archaeological artifacts- one showroom for

A Precolumbian burial was reproduced underground, just below the pyramid, making the visit a whole new experience. At the entrance, the Museum welcomes you with a scale model of the Great City of Kamnialjuyu. The scale model is displayed in such a way that the visitor may relate the ancient buildings -buried under the actual city- with the nowadays streets and avenues. Kaminaljuyu was one of the most important cities due to commerce, obsidian was the most important product of trade throughout Mesoamerica.

The museum is open from Tuesday through to Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm.

The museum was founded in 2002. The museum is in Zone 11 of Guatemala City, in the southern part of the area once covered by the Maya city of Kaminaljuyu. It covers an area of approximately 5,400 square metres. Within the grounds of the museum are three preserved mounds.

Guest Rooms and Meeting Rooms

  • Salón Ceiba